Lets make a heavy metal band!

We sit at the table. Three of us left. Haieb, Marc and Timo. We sit there and basically just let our singer go and now feel a bit sad and a bit relieved. The situation is pretty heavy but it had to be done. The food we ordered is arriving at the table. Some beers later we are back on track. We want to do what we love, make music, drink beers, tour and play shows. But we also want to take it to a new level. We wanna use the internet. We are from the internet, and we wanna combine the band with the internet vibe and its people. We want to play heavy live shows, write amazing music that we feel is what we want to express. So we made a plan and we will see how it’ll work out in the end.  We have come a long way since day one with a fucking huge load of different places, people and opinions – taken and missed opportunities. We would like to thank everyone who supported and helped us over all the years, we appreciate it alot and hope to have you all around for long time – fans and crew alike. Push it to the limit. Let’s fuckin’ go!

Pre band & founding times

You can say we started the band without knowing it. Like most bands, we started to party harder and harder as 18 year old boys do when they discover alcohol and girls. The thing is, that we also found guitars and a drumkit at our homes, we just felt like bringing those to the party too. All of a sudden we were jamming without knowing how to play, in the basement, while the rest of the guys were partying in the house. Marc, Souhaieb und Timo were friends before anything had started in terms of the band, which made the foundation of the band very strong. The band started with jamming Metallica songs and learning the basics of making music.

At some point we were looking for a singer or a bassist. The first one we found would be the guy we kept for four years. Rouven joined the band and we moved to our first rehearsal room in the old “Slaughterhouse” in Wolfsburg. Rouven basically showed us how to properly play our instrument, what to do and what not to do and how to be a bit more focused on the stuff we wanted to do. We wrote songs, we chose the band name and there we were ready to go! We continued rehearsing in the place we had and mix in some parties here and there. All in all lets just say, we had a really good time in a big building, with our own rehearsal room, loads of friends over, no rules and a ton of booze.

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The first Album - Volition - and it's tours.
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So we had the songs, and we had a guy from England whom we met on the internet. We went on and asked him if we could record the stuff over at his place, and he just said “we can just do it in your rehearsal room”. So we did. Mark Jones flew over from the UK and started setting up our sound for the first album we ever recorded. We started playing our instruments three years earlier and didnt even know how recording even works. In the end we managed to get through in between working shifts and sitting in the very cold rehearsal room, recording. We found a deal at the label SAOL of CMM GmbH in Hannover led by Wolfgang Rott. So we signed there and next thing we knew was we were booked on to the 70.000 Tons of Metal cruise in Miami.

A huge step for us and so we decided that for now we were going to tour our asses off with the finally done album – Volition. We toured all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic and played every tiny and big show we could get. We went on and supported bigger local bands on their shows, and even bands like Six Feet Under and Ektomorf. After all those 120 or so gig, we knew what we were doing live, how to tour, plan shows, rock live and lay down a heavy and tight set. But now time had passed, and we kind of needed a new album…

Building our own rehearsal room

At some point, we had to switch places again and had no where to go. So we made the call to go ahead and built our own rehearsal room on Rouven’s property in an old stable house. We had to put pipes in the ground, build walls, a ceiling and a floor, the studio next door, and you know, all the good stuff. We had alot of help from everyone we knew and even from the Austrians that came up all the way to Germany. In the end we managed to finish the rehearsal room with it’s own studio, ready to record a new album and ready to have our own headquarters. It was a shit ton of work as you might image.

New song ideas came together quickly and we continued to play shows and support bigger bands. While we made some progress, the songwriting progress was not going too well and also the distances among the band members began to grow, for some reason. Sadly we just could not finish songs together and had to see whats wrong. We had a really nice space to rehearse and write stuff, but we could not get it done. So we had many talks to figure out what is the best step to do, while in the end we already knew what was wrong.

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Parting with Rouven and moving on.

One day we sat down together to discuss something. And now we want to tell you here what went down. We dont need to add or leave out any details. Basically Souhaieb and Marc opened to us that the band would and could not continue in this composition and that either Souhaieb left, or any of the members kept it going while Marc and Souhaieb leave or Rouven left or stepped back from the singer position. There were many options, even for Timo and Rouven to continue the band. But there was really also only one option. Either we made the decision to change something or there would not be anymore band to deal with, since tensions among some bandmembers had grown. In the end the members decided that Souhaieb, Marc and Timo wanted to stay together and there was no more place for Rouven in the band, due to highly negative influence on band atmosphere, many personal tension and almost no musical input for the band. It was stated that times had changed and that over years of trying to sort out the problems, they continued to bug us and even after warnings things had not changed. So finally it was decided that the three founding members would stay and one had to go, to keep the band running and not shut it down at all.

A big and terrible step for any band, but it is what we had to do. We stick to our plan not to take it to any personal levels, what has been said here is enough to understand the bands ways, or not, but we want to try and keep it simple and not drag it to a personal level. People didn’t get along anymore, and there was no music being written, thus making us change the band structure and getting rid of what dragged us down. While you can never blame all problems on one person, for some reason it was a big relief for us. Sadly we also lost some people that stuck with us for a long time and supported us, since they didn’t even want to listen to us or anything that happened and just chose a side, believing what they had heard from one person. Anyhow, we guess that’s how it goes in life and if people dont want to listen, we can’t make them. But we never had a problem with them and still want to say that we thank them for their support over the years. If they like us or not, thats their business, we dont hold a grudge against anyone, even if people change their mind at some point and hate us for some reason. We say thank you and move on. We took stuff into our own hands now, restructured the band and are now ready to start again. In a week of rehearsal we wrote five songs and had a great time with the people we hung out with. Whatever had blocked our songwriting process is gone and we are back on track.

What we want to do

We want to write songs. We want to make music that expresses what we think and feel. We want YOU to like it, and if you don’t thats cool. We want to play heavy and sweaty live shows with YOU. We want to tour and enjoy being in a band. We want to stay in touch with YOU at live Shows, the internet, in videos and on parties. We want to share our band life with YOU and entertain you as much as we can. We want to stay close to the fans that brought us to where we are today.