This is the very first episode of our podcast and we are excited to share it with you guys!

Gods of Eden is a metal band from Australia that Timo somehow met at Rock am Ring back in 2014. They were featured in an amazing line up, consisting of Megadeth, Whitechapel, Dragon Force and Crossfaith for the Pulp Summer Slam 2017 music festival in the Philippines The largest music festival in South East Asia.

They played RUDE Open Air Festival in Germany with bands like Grave, Asphyx , Xandria, Dew Scented and Milking the Goat Machine.

Gods of Eden released their first film clip for the debut album ‘From the End of Heaven’. The film clip was nominated and came runner up for the ‘Best visual effects’ category of the Berlin Music Video Awards.

They also recently joined forces with the guitar compay Jackson Guitars.

Connect with Gods of Eden:







We got together with our buddies of the Australian metal band Gods of Eden and had a roughly one hour long convo about some of the topics below:

  • Bandmembers – how switching of bandmembers effect bands
  • Best countries for metal
  • Are bands and artists using social media well enough/at all?
  • Where do you go from Australia?
  • How to get gigs as a band
  • Comparing metal scenes Europe/Australia
  • Berlin music video awards
  • Summer slam festival Philipines
  • The metal scene in Australia
  • Having a masterplan as a band
  • How to earn money as a band doing business on the side
  • Vlogging and documenting as an artist/band
  • Using techniques from a fitness background to improve your skills as a musician
  • Building a rehearsal space
  • Telling your story as a band
  • Touring in Australia
  • Songwriting difficulties
  • Overthinking and procrastination
  • Missed opportunities

Selected links from the episode: