Welcome to the second episode of our little podcast. This time around we drove to Paderborn to have a little BBQ party with the Bloodwork guys and used this opportunity to record a podcast together with Nico, their lead guitarist who also wrote most of the Bloodwork tunes and is responsible for parts of the vocals. He already played in a lot of bands, but Deadly Sin and Bloodwork are his latest projects. 

We made a vlog about that day as well so feel free to check it out in case you are curious what the whole thing looked like: Link to the vlog


Here some of the topics we cover in this podcast:

  • How to get booked for Wacken open air – twice.
  • Does Bloodwork still exist or are they just taking a break
  • The gatekeeper mechanic at festivals – who decides which band is playing on festivals?
  • The role of labels in todays music business
  • Buy in shows, pay to play
  • The state of the music business
  • Is knowing people/connections more powerful than being skilled musician?
  • Shitty gigs and big opportunities, big versus small shows
  • How to get noticed as a band
  • Do bands have to play every shitshow they can until it gets better?
  • Social media
  • When is it time to end your band or quit your band?
  • The importance of social media in todays music business
  • Using videos to analyze your onstage performance in order to get better
  • Learning how to edit videos
  • Vlogging as a band
  • The different point of views between fans and musicians


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Selected links from the episode: