Skervesen meetup in Danzig, Poland.

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This blog is written in addition to the this Youtube video about our weekend trip to Poland some weeks ago. Here you go.

Why go to Poland to see guitars?

As some of you might know, Souhaieb plays a 7 string custom guitar built by Skervesen guitars. The Skervesen company recently celebrated their fifth year of being in business and invited everyone who owns one of their guitars and their close friends to their factory in Poland.

At first I wasn’t too interested in checking out the Skervesen headquarter but Souhaieb talked me into it, and so we took a train to Hamburg and then flew over to Danzig in Poland. After the short one hour flight we had to organize ourselves and find out where we had to go. Not an easy thing considering every street sign and infoboard is displayed in Polish.But two absurdly expensive drinks at the airport helped us survive.

Skervesen Meetup 2016 in Gdansk

Skervesen Meetup 2016 in Gdansk

We arrived a bit too late at the restaurant, the other people already sat having beers. The place offered great food and tasty beer and the overall mood was indeed very good. People were talking about guitars, bands, drinks and their experiences with Skervesen. When we wanted to pay our bills we were told everything had been paid already. Well we certainly hadn’t expected that.

On our way to the next couple of bars we checked out a tiny bit of beautiful downtown Danzig. The place Souhaieb and I stayed at for the two nights though was a joke. We were handed the keys in one spot and then had to walk to our room which was about 20 minutes away from the actual hotel. No breakfast, no wifi.

Only farts, two very small windows and an even smaller couch the two of us had to share.


The following day we were able to have a look at the little Skeversen factory and Maciek Horaczko did a great good job showing us around and explaining the different workplaces, types of wood and the weird looking machines they use to build these awesome guitars. While walking through the factory, one came to understand how much precision and skill it takes to build good looking guitars that play well and are without any doubt unique. What really struck me was how much they knew about guitars, wood types, strings, screws, headstocks and everything concerning guitars. They didn´t get tired of answering a flood of endless questions everyone seemed to have.

One could tell these are people who love their work and love what they are doing. Much respect to you guys.

After the guided tour was over, a ton of food and BBQ waited for us in front of the factory.
There was beer, wine, coffee and all sorts of drinks. Someone even baked a Skervesen cake that was given to the CEO, Jarek Konkol, who was visibly touched and surprised about this gift. On top of that, someone gave a customized bottle of whiskey from England that tasted way beyond awesome. The bottle made its round and everyone in the room had a chance to have a little sip.

We stayed at the factory until all of the beer and food was gone and we had to switch venues. We took a taxi and drove back downtown to stop at the local Hard Rock café to have some more beer and conversation. Unfortunately, Souhaieb and I had to catch our flight back to Germany the next day which mean’t we couldn’t be part of the final dinner on Sunday which must have been a whole lotta fun as well!

Thanks a lot to the whole Skerversen team for building high quality guitars with passion and dedication and furthermore for being such amazing hosts in your country.

Also thanks to all the other people who made this trip such an amazing experience.

We can’t wait for the next meetup.

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