Good day to you sirs!

As most of you might have noticed by now we spent a lot of time producing videos and writing songs at the moment. We are putting out band vlogs every week, we started the so called “challenge” video series in which we set a goal for ourselves and try to achieve it in 30 days.

And we got heavily into using all the social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and the like to show you more of what we do all the time. It is a whole lotta fun to explore all the options these apps provide 🙂

Yes you are right. We don’t have a new vocalist yet. BUT we recently hung out and jammed a bunch of our songs and coversongs with a potential new bassist. We are still getting to know each other so nothing has been decided yet and it will certainly take a little while to figure things out.

We are still talking to vocalists. Actually all over the world. Because we can’t wait to release new music and FINISH songs that have been around for in some cases over two years.

Right now ideas for all sorts of projects, songs, videos are piling up and we are doing our best to organize everything and get it done bit by bit. We are more productive than ever and we can’t wait for you to see the madness that is about to come as soon as if we are a complete band again 🙂



Make sure you follow us on Youtube and Snapchat(Username:Etecc) to see how we progress through this difficult times as a three piece band.

Thank you for your time. Take care.