Wow. I can’t believe two weeks passed by that quickly.

A lot has changed during the last week though. A little while ago we put out our first challenge video and since the month is over so is the challenge. Which means we had to start a new one as quick as possible. This time Souhaieb and Marc are doing a challenge together.

We called it the 5am challenge.

We always feel like we don’t have enough time to get everything done and we wanted to do something that would increase our productivity. So we decided to get up at 5am, every day for a whole month straight. So far we are one week in and first changes start to show. We definitely think we are more productive than before. Simply because we have a couple more hours every day now and we get up before everyone else does which means there are no distractions, no messages, no calls during the first three hours of the day.

Of course that also means we started going to bed a bit earlier to at least be able to sleep six-seven hours every night. Turns out it is way harder to go to bed early than getting up at 5am 🙂

We also started a completely different project which we will call a podcast or a metal podcast in the future. We did our first interview last Sunday with two of the guys from Hot Beaver from Hungary which played in Hannover and are currently supporting Ektomorf on their European Aggressor Tour. The interview itself went down pretty well given the fact it was the first one we did.
The full video of the interview will be online during the next one or two weeks for sure. We plan to release this metal/interview/podcast thing two times per month.

We keep coming up with new stuff and getting things done at the moment. It is a lot of work but we also really enjoy the process of making videos we like and hopefully you like as much as we do 🙂