Good day to you sirs 🙂

Have you listened to the new Metallica – Hardwired to self destruct record yet? We definitely did and we also made a little video about it as well: Metallica – Atlas, rise reaction
So in case you are curious what we think about one of their new songs check out this video 🙂

On top of that we’ve just done two more interviews that will be included in our upcoming metal podcast that so far has the name “The Etecc rock ‘n roll get together“. It will probably take us a little more time to finish and make it available for everyone to watch and listen to. You can watch the short interview with a pretty band called “Meister Scheizse” by clicking right here.

We are not gonna lie here. It keeps annoying us a lot that we can’t seem to find a fitting vocalist for us and it also makes it hard to come up with new video ideas and things we can share with you every week. But we decided to show it how it is and at the moment it just isn’t too exciting to be honest. A ton of work that simply has to be done in order to move on so we can assure we don’t procrastinate only because we aren’t a complete band just now. Especially not playing live shows is something all of us really miss.

Concerning our little “Metal Vlog” we already reached #037 🙂
Time moves fast and we are happy to be able to at least catch some parts of what we do on video for you and also for us to document it now and review it in one or two years to analyze what we actually did and how we spent our time.

Take care and thank you for spending time on watching our content and following us 🙂