Happy new year everyone! Hope you all made it safely into 2017.

So what happened in the last month of 2016?

Actually a whole bunch of things. Souhaieb took the time to create an amazing drawing of Dimebag Darrell of Pantera and made a video about it that we released on the anniversary day of Dimebags death on December 8th. You can watch it right here.
We also made a giveaway out of it and gave the drawing away via Facebook live about two weeks later which oddly enough a buddy of ours won 😀

Apart from that we continued the common vlogging business and kept putting out vlogs like this each Thursday.

At the end of December we spent three-four days at the rehearsal space and worked on videos, shot new photos for our social media channels and also for our donation site on this homepage. We vlogged the whole three days but we are still working on the footage of it at the moment.

Also the 5 am challenge we started a while ago is finally over! Pretty happy about how it turned out. A fun experience. But we are glad it is over now.