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Volition - ETECC


Band :
Title : Volition
Release Date : 7. December 2012
Label :
Catalog ref. : 4260177741090
Format : CD

Volition is the debut album of Etecc and was recorded in Wolfsburg, Germany in 2012. Involved in this release where Marc Schulz on rhythm guitar, Souhaieb El Azizi playing the lead guitar, Timo Mönnecke on the drums and Rouven Rapp on vocals and bass guitar. The Artwork for Volition was done by Dani Hofer of Archetype Design. The bands idea behind the artwork is to make the first step and break through the walls of regular life to experience something bigger and start a journey towards a distant goal. The album was mixed and mastered by Mark Jones of mangled audio from Manchester England. Mark Jones also served as the sound engineer in early state of the recording process. Volition was released on SOAL from Hannover as part of CMM GmbH led by Wolfgang Rott. The album contains the CD with ten tracks and an unfoldable booklet giving insight to the early days of the band, aswell as the lyrics on the backside.